Month: March 2009


The Don payed me a visit

So I was sitting at my desk in my super flashy office when my good publicist Don Goode called round to say hello, he’s nice that way. I was working on my super duper new script but didn’t mind the break. I always make time for Don. He asked me had I any news? “As…
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March 24, 2009 0

Indie vs Studio

Indie vs Studio 2: Synergy – watch more funny videos

March 20, 2009 0

Short Shorts

I see that the Film Board have announced the genre and the deadline for this year’s short shorts scheme. The genre chosen for 2009 is FILMS WITH NO DIALOGUE. This does not mean silent films, but rather where the soundtrack can contain anything except audible dialogue. The Mr Bean television series and related feature film…
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March 10, 2009 0

It’s time I made another film

It’s 2009 after all! I don’t plan it this way, but it’s time I made another film. You see I shot my first film in December 2005, second in July 2007 which would mean I should be due to make my next about a month ago. I will make a short in 2009, in fact…
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March 3, 2009 0