My Ball on IMDb


My Ball on IMDb

February 18, 2009 My Films 0

I’ve made! I’ve finally arrived! I’m on IMDb, I’m a true filmmakers at
last! Or am I?

Over the past few years I’ve seen people with IMDb pages, you know people
that have made crappy little shorts and often thought “How the hell did
they get that, they must have created that themselves. How sad.”

However before Christmas I received an email in my inbox from the good
people at IMDb telling me how My Ball had qualified for inclusion on their
site, although more than likely it wasn’t a real person that sent it, it
was probably a bot.

I said to myself “No, I’m not going to create a page, not myself anyway.
If I ever get listed on that site I want some other person to do it, I’m
not going to be some sado that creates a page about themselves and go, “oh
I’m on IMDb, I’m great”. Where is the achievement in that?”

However, after about five or six more emails from that kind bot my
publicist Don Goode said, “Kev, just do it.”

So I clicked on the link and by fuck is it complicated. So I started to
fill in the information and I got to the names of the people involved. So
I put in my name. The name Kevin O’Neill already exists. So did Kevin
O’Neill (II), (III), (IV), etc. However Kevin O’Neill (XVI) was available.
Hurray! Wait a minute, I don’t want to be Kevin O’Neill the fucking

Why did I have to have such common names like Kevin and O’Neill? Why
couldn’t I have a name that no one else has such as Sean Wallace and
Seamus Hegarty? I had to think about this. Maybe I would have to change my
name. After all this was my IMDb listing!

I left it without finishing it. But after another few emails I decided I
would finally put it right a few weeks ago and so I did, I completed all
the forms and hit submit.

I decided I’d go with Kevin A. O’Neill, afterall thats what I use for most things after I decided a few years back I wanted a universal log in for most of the websites I use, so now my gmail, youtube, myspace, icewhole etc have kevinaoneill as the log in. Problem Sorted!

It became live about a week ago but only today has most of the information
come on. However at some point while I was filling in the information my
ego must have split. Because the writer/director part of me is known as
Kevin A. O’Neill while the producer/editor part is happy with Kevin
O’Neill the sixteenth.

While Sean and Seamus can rest easy as no one else shares the same name as
them, Eoin will have to make do with Eoin Murphy the third as there
appears to be two more Eoin Murphy’s that exist.

So there we are, on IMDb. How cool are we!

Now that I’m a famous IMDb listed award winning filmmaker I will no longer
be personally responding to emails. From now on all enquiries should be
emailed to dongoode AT savaege DOT com

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