A Picture I took


A Picture I took

September 11, 2012 Uncategorized 0

or rather pictures is on display in The Blue Horizon, Garrettstown. I’m not sure where but I’m told it’s in a prominent location.

It is of the De Courcey Vintage Clubs, Harvest Working Day which took place on Monday August 6th 2012. Very little effort or thought went into it as I was actually videoing the event and once noticed all the gear was in place grabbed my stills camera and snapped it, I think it’s about 5 photos in total, I did it twice and then went back to videoing.

Unfortunately by the time they had all the gear lined up the threshing crew had started to pack up hence the out of place looking 2012 tractor hooking up to the thresher.

But other than the new tractor and the packed up thresher I’m quiet happy with it. You’ve got the gear lined up, the band playing, the tricolour flying and of course the scenery!

What? You want this wonderful picture on your wall at home? Sure no problem! The picture sells at €75 unframed or €150 framed.

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