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Directing a film I didn’t write (Part 2)

One of the challenges I faced with this project was visualising Niall’s words. It’s grand when your writing for yourself because it’s already in your head and in some cases writing with a particular location in mind, or at least you have an idea of what you are looking for. For instance, Kitchens. Maybe it’s…
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July 5, 2012 0

Ten Years On!

Its hard to believe it’s been ten years since I sat the leaving cert, way back in 2002! When I think ten years ago I’m thinking mid nineties! So it was this time ten years ago that I had to decide what I wanted to do after finishing school. I had applied for some courses…
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July 3, 2012 0

Directing a film I didn’t write

Up until now I had directed three short films all of which I had written myself. At the brilliant Fastnet Short Film Festival in Schull last year (2011) myself and Niall Owens were discussing future projects. Niall asked what I was doing next and I told him although I had several ideas and scripts I…
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June 14, 2012 0

Fastnet Short Film Festival

What a great festival it was down in Schull. I arrived down on Thursday afternoon so missed most of the screenings on the first day. When I checked into my accommodation I was pleasantly pleased to find I was right next door to Screen 2. Handy! The first screening of My Ball was at 19:30…
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May 19, 2009 0

Shorts Shorts update

Just seen on filmmakersnetwork that there are people looking for producers for this and the deadline is Friday! Goodluck with that. To update on my post below. I’ve nothing. Goodbye

May 6, 2009 0

It’s time I made another film

It’s 2009 after all! I don’t plan it this way, but it’s time I made another film. You see I shot my first film in December 2005, second in July 2007 which would mean I should be due to make my next about a month ago. I will make a short in 2009, in fact…
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March 3, 2009 0